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Why Did You Like Them Apples?

QUESTIONS FOR THE CLASS: What is the function of stories? Is anything really worthwhile if it's not referencing something else? We've had 2000 years of human culture, so how sure are we that we should add more? Is the Bible Extended Universe is the greatest marketing campaign? Is it better to serve palatable work in Heaven or make whatever you want in Hell? Why do we think any of us have a choice?

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Divs versus Classes

There are two main ways to reference a div or any other HTML element from your style-sheet, you can use an id (id="idname") or a class (class="classname") so which one is best? Well the answer is it depends on what you are trying to do.

An id must be unique, this means you cannot have two elements on the one page with the same id. So an id is useful for something that never repeats on a page like a header or footer. Classes don't have to be unique so they can be used as many times as necessary. A good example of a repeatable element would be a link style, you can have as many links on a page as you like and they can all look the same by giving them the same class name.

Use classes for stackable columns

Because the columns in this stackable design can be repeated any number of times we cannot use ids because they would be duplicated. Only classes allow us to repeat the columns as many times as we like. So please keep that in mind if you are modifying this design. Of course if your modified layout does not have repeated columns then you can change some of the classes back to ids.

How do you like those apples?
Why do you like those apples?
What if Bean Dad had to open a can of apples?
Do you like me? Do you like my apples?
Can someone please just hold my hand-- I mean, apples?

No JavaScript

JavaScript is not required. Some website layouts rely on JavaScript hacks to resize divs and force elements into place but you won't see any of that nonsense here.

Full cross-browser support

The holy grail 3 column liquid Layout has been tested on the following browsers:

iPhone & iPod Touch

  • Safari


  • Safari
  • Firefox
  • Opera 9.25
  • Netscape & 7.1


  • Firefox 1.5 & 2
  • Safari
  • Opera 8.1 & 9
  • Explorer 5.5, 6 & 7
  • Netscape 8

SEO friendly

The higher up content is in your page code, the more important it is considered by search engine algorithms. To make your website as optimised as possible your main page content must come before the side columns. This layout does exactly that: The center page comes first, then the left column and finally the right column (see the nested div structure diagram for more info). The columns can also be configured to any other order if required.

Resizable text compatible

Ressurrection of IP for a million years, selling merch to aliens-- a landfill for what they're not interested in anymore

Free traffic for your website

If you use this layout for your website send me an email with the link and any other information you have so I can add you to my list of example sites. Once I have a few links I'll publish them on my website and you'll get free traffic!

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We're a species whose prime directive is sticking together. We live in a world that equates money with power. Connecting and liking each other is how we survive. If we don't learn to like this, we suffer worse. If you want to live like a lone leopard, that's fine. But you'll die like one, too, while this hideous mountain of naked mole rats gets by blind, but happy and cooperative and with a goal.

Hey, dude
You wanna start a band?
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