I use taxidermy to launder my urge to collect stuffed animals as an adult. Seems like I'm drawn to mammals, especially simple free-standing mounts in case I want to dress them up.

(This page uses seller pics, but I'll update it later with in-use pictures when my house is in order.)

I'm not sure if I'd ever want to keep reptiles, wet specimens or baby birds (they make me sad). I love "creative taxidermy" and would like to get more pieces with parts frankensteined together, but it's not easy to find someone in that area with both good skills and an affordable price point.

COYOTE PELT Discounted on eBay. Has a hole under the fur and some slippage. Looks great slung over the back of the couch.

SPOTTED LAMB Vintage via an Etsy shop in France. Surprisingly light!

PRE-1947 WILDCAT Vintage via the UK. This is a perfectly terrible mount, and that's why I love it. Probably my favorite thing my collection.

PHEASANT Found discounted at an antique store in Columbus!

ERMINE PRINCESS From an artist on Etsy. She's a little yellowed but breathtakingly cute.

MARTEN Vintage from France. I love that confrontational pose. They'll look great next to a wall shelf or big picture frame.

FALLOW DEER From an artist on Etsy. His color is so striking! His neck's a bit lumpy, but I don't mind. I took off the collar but have so far left the flowers.

MOUNTED ERMINE HEAD A gift from my sister. It was the most affordable thing in the curio shop and the hanger on the back is a paperclip. I need to find it a tiny hat...

GROUSE FOOT A Scottish brooch! Normally they have orange or purple rhinestones that I find a little garish, so I was happy to find one without. If I wore anything fancier than jeans and t-shirts I'd pin this on all the time.