Which Bastard From DFS Are You?

You really don't want to know. This knowledge can do you nothing but harm.
But you love quizzes so you're gonna do it anyway, aren't you!

Okay, first thing's first:
Where did you ideally wake up this morning?
Wanna go to Denny's for breakfast?
People always tell you you're too...
What's your biggest fear?
Have you ever consumed raw human flesh?
What are your fandoms?
If you were a deadly animal, what would you be?
Some guy from town cuts you off in traffic... and he doesn't even act sorry!
Your revenge:
Pick a:

Pick a vibe:
Strong trees, tall hedges, closed curtains, lawn keeping the mailman at arm's length, long drives, lemon cleaning products, spectres and regrets
Dinged hardwood, motor oil and burnt metal, mud, scratchy blankets, a river of controlled chaos, knowing without a doubt that you belong
Early mornings, idling truck motors, hugging yourself through your jacket, things crossed out in pen, bumming a cigarette even though you "quit"
Sun adrenaline followed by chronic emptiness, affect, watching the sun come up,

You're A! There's something wrong with you, but you're good at making it a non-issue. You're P! I'm so sorry!