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-Mechanical pencil
-Autodesk Sketchbook (iPad)
-PhotoShop CS4 on a Macbook that still runs Yosemite

Government-Assigned Stars: Cancer  ▼  Self-Diagnosis Zodiac: INTP

(But her drawings are mostly harmless!)


I'm Marissa, or Psshaw. She/her, please!
I interact with the world mainly through art, design, story concepts, jokes, and morbid curiosity. (And sincerity, in emergency situations.)

My absolute favorite thing to do is developing characters and stories! Making stuff is an existential necessity, imo. Playing with dolls is very grounding, and they also make a swell social buffer when I don't feel like talking about myself. That's why most of my stories are funny, violent, and emphasize character– so people will react and talk to me about them!


As a kid, my favorite website of all time was MabsLand.com. I would read every character page, admire every piece of art, and click all the outgoing links. That last thing taught me some fucked-up stuff. But the site iself taught me that you can just make up a roster of characters for fun! And if you build them a shiny enough story or website, maybe other people will care about them, too!

The internet is like fishing: you simply cast a tasty idea out there and wait for someone like-minded to bite. But it's hard to take pride in what you put out there when ideas disappear into the bottomless scroll of social media. I want to keep an archive of the things I do. For me, and for anyone else curious enough to bite.


Who doesn't like music??
I like it loud, rowdy, genre-defying and dramatic.
Here's some stuff on heavy rotation lately.

My interests include drawing, writing, sparkledogs, horror movies, musical theater, alternative comics, collecting 80+ GB of music and losing sleep over how I'm going to organize it all, lurking online, heckling for sport, movement, adverbs, primal screaming, expanding my knowledge at a leisurely pace, thinking about all the craft projects I wanna do, ducks, ants, and evil fictional dudes who hurt people.

I seem to collect cowboy boots, taxidermy, filled sketchbooks, and things to make my house smell nice.

FILM: Tremors, The Mist, Face/Off, Cube, Little Shop of Horrors, Slither, Vivarium, Hereditary, Sweet Charity, True Stories, Eight Legged Freaks

MUSIC: Tub Ring, Mr. Bungle, Foetus, Not Blood Paint, The Giraffes, Cardiacs, Elvis Costello, Dog Fashion Disco, DSO, Major Parkinson, Idiot Flesh, Harvey Danger, The Venetia Fair, Electric Six

TV: Blood Drive, Crazy Ex-Girlfriend, Dexter, Invader Zim, Succession, any horror/sci-fi anthology series