I first joined

back in 2013, and it's my most-used pet site so far.

Check out my LAIR! (#22598)
[This is my custom progenitor, Petrova. Her charge is her clan or something. I don't try too hard to make up lore.]

At first I was kinda skeptical. There's only 4 breeds, and all you can do is make different recolors? Laaaame.

But then I saw

I knew I had to have one.

And THEN I found out you can give them hats.
When I signed up and was asked to join an elemental flight, I figured I'd go Water... my birth sign? Wind has my favorite color. Maybe Shadow, because it's edgy? I'm definitely NOT edgy enough for Plague. Fire has an energy I like, but Flamecaller's design is pretty lame. Light is for ponderous people, I'm ponderous... Arcane feels very "main character", but the Arcanist looks like an alien muppet.

But then I saw...




Also cyan is a really good eye color for nests.
Playing dress-up with dragons is fun, but the thing that keeps me invested in FR is
Female Pose Male Pose Overall
Aberration 💖 ⭐️ PERFECT LORE, INCREDIBLE DESIGN. They'll never top this. They can't, because it'd kill me.️
Ridgeback 💖️ Uncomfortably handsome. I love the boys' mean grins and ready-to-rumble paws.️
Coatl 💖 Precious baby kitten-cobras with silly bellies. Absolutely perfect proportions. I love their butt wings!
Spiral Really addictive to breed because their babies are so perfect! ...too perfect, making the adults a slight letdown. Big eyes and wound-up bodies distribute gene colors in an exciting way.
Guardian ⭐️ Classic and classy.
Mirror 💤 Great concept, but the art's drawn too hesitantly so I don't collect many.
Gaolers I love their splayed-out paws and all-over heft. And they have the best terts!
Snapper Drawn well and so friendly-lookin'. Anyone who hates them has no heart.
Fae 💤 💤 Honestly, they're really fun to draw. I just don't want a lot of them.
Veilspun Bug wings! Long hair! Novel, spooky, elegant design. Somehow I haven't collected any yet.
Wildclaw 💤 💤 Cool raptors! The poses are flat and samey, though. I wish they had more sexual dimorphism.
Nocturne Adorable bat dragons! So cool that they're attached to a Halloween holiday. The poses are good but not exciting.
Bogsneak 💤 💤 Great concept, but the art's drawn too hesitantly.
Imperial 💤 Generic eastern dragon minus the fun face. The preps of the FR world thanks to being a Kickstarter reward. But Emperors are cool...
Obleisk 💤 Too like a little dog for my taste. Genes look great on those manes, though.
Pearlcatcher 💤 Awesome lore, and the snooty poses are cute. I like that they're not cluttered, but they're not very visually exciting either.
Skydancer 💤 Pearlcatchers without good lore.
Banescales 💤️ 💤 Love the idea of a fire chicken, and the chevron genes. But they look so cramped...
...I also ship Stormcatcher and Lightweaver together. I just think they make a cute genius couple.

I didn't even make this image myself, which proves I'm right.
Hello! LAIR