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does fiend sweat?
Anonymous | June 17, 2022

Hell yeah they do! Their physiology is based on a human's, after all. It comes out clear for what I feel are obvious visual consideration reasons.

(Excellent background texture by Daniel Olah via Unsplash.)

Out of all of your characters you have, which is the *least* likely to survive being handcuffed to fiend for a day?
Anonymous | June 17, 2022

Physically or financially? Because Glenn.

This feels like a question you must have gotten many times over the years, but do you have any specific advice for pushing dynamic poses? Besides practice of course!
Anonymous | May 23, 2022

I have, and I have so many thoughts.

- Sketch by moving your elbow more than your wrist. Draw fast and low-detail. Think in silhouettes. Few, elegant lines = eye moves over it fast. Save the most detail for important stuff like hands and faces.

- Get up. Stretch. Strike poses. Dance. Try it without a mirror and think about how it FEELS to move, how long you feel. Get comfortable moving your limbs as far away from your body as possible. Use that when making your character's limbs fill the page.

- Do charades with yourself. Think about how you'd communicate something without speaking. How big would your gestures need to be if you were doing it from a stage?

- Think about weight. Feet in big boots stay planted on the ground while a fist flies. Wings fill with air and then push it back down. Heavy things hang lower than light things that sway in the breeze.

- Draw a "before" and "after" of an action-- like, winding up for a punch and then letting it loose.

- Look at your older drawings and re-sketch them more dynamically. The nice thing about pushing is that you can always just add more!

- Picking a weird camera perspective always helps.

- Honestly, a lot of the illusion of movement comes down to distance. When in doubt, make things longer, further away, or claustrophobically closer. (And when things squish together, that extra mass tends to go somewhere. Maybe gets taller.)

- Pushing poses ties into character acting, so having a very active/athletic/theatrical character is VERY helpful. Some characters simply don't want to push. And they're assholes.

what is a twine game?
Anonymous | May 14, 2022

Twine is a free program for making choose-your-own adventure text games. I also like to use it to arrange story beats, like digital notecards.

Sometimes the term "game" can be a little loose, but if you know some scripting code you can make it game-ier. Porpentine makes some pretty wild ones.

you seem really chill and cool, your site is awesome and inspired me to make a new personal site since my old one got torn up!
Anonymous | May 14, 2022

YEEESSS LOVE TO HEAR IT, and thank you so much! Maybe show me sometime!

Could you draw Fiend eating a lunchable looking straight up peeved?

or not. i'm not your mom.
Anonymous | May 11, 2022

Sure. But I'm not doing the cross-section view unless you pay me, pervert.

so would you say they're chewy, or more crunchy?
Anonymous | May 10, 2022

Would you say you're chewy, or more crunchy?

(They're crunchy.)

If you could invent a dragon breed for flight rising, how would it act/look/drag
Anonymous | May 9, 2022

Truthfully, if I could have my wish I'd either ask them for a hydra or a straight-up worm dragon. But I don't feel like drawing either of those, so thanks for the design exercise!

Click to embiggen:

If you’ve been asked this before you can ignore it, but whats your comic writing process like???? I got multiple stories in working on but I wither cant seem to start, or I make good headway, come back later, & the writing is dog ass
Anonymous | May 5, 2022

Bro you have THINGS TO COME BACK TO?? That's like half the battle! Great work on the dog ass!

My process has to accommodate for my attention span, so it's hella chaotic. I just use whatever method is most stimulating at the moment. Mainly I sketch random dialogue and cool scenes in my sketchbook. Then I go through it and put color-coded flags on each page depending on what story/chapter it corresponds to. Later I'll transcribe the ideas in order into a script, slowly filling in the holes.

My first drafts are always bad. I focus on the outline and plot points, which for some reason makes me write extra gloomy and dramatic. They're cringey, awful, embarrassing, out-of-character, and I'll take them to my grave. And it's great to have that jumping-off point to improve upon! It's not until the second draft that anything starts to feel right.

If you're just trying to get something done and out in the world, here's what works for me:

1. DON'T TALK ABOUT THE PROJECT. Talking about characters is fine, "I'm gonna make a comic!" is not. Talking about it feels as good as doing it, so you lose motivation. And if you take too long, people will learn not to expect anything from you. DEPRIVE YOURSELF UNTIL YOU CAN'T TAKE IT ANYMORE. YOU HAVE TO MAKE THE THING OR DIE.

2. Keep goals small and immediate and reachable. Whenever you can, just make Something. I'm talking "write as much as you can by the end of the summer" or "draw one thing today". Always think in terms of "what would Future Me be glad I did for them?"

3. Try to combine your story with whatever else you're excited about. False Edge was originally written as a Twine game because I wanted to feel out the program. When the idea grew too big for Twine, I was still energized by all the progress I'd made, so I took a week to draw some stream-of-consciousness comic pages-- which I later redrew to become the final intro. After a certain point of procrastination, planning is your sworn enemy. Find reasons to get your hands dirty, even if you won't keep what you made!

4. Pick a "due date" to unveil your work. I picked my birthday. I can't put off my fucking birthday!

how many little easy-peel oranges could you eat before you started crying
Anonymous | May 5, 2022

5-8, depending on how fun "being forced to eat oranges" is framed to me. Unless I hit one of those ones that's mostly fiber, then it's < 1.

Do you think surgeons should let you keep removed body parts more often?
Anonymous | May 1, 2022

Man, I think they should MAKE you keep them. Why are you expecting them to throw away your trash?

Whats your favourite colour palette
Anonymous | May 1, 2022


Honorable mention:

How did you make an ask page?
Anonymous | April 5, 2022

I'm so glad you asked!

Okay, so I'm assuming you know some coding basics. Neocities allows me to use HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. This page is made of all of those.

If you want to make a form page, W3Schools has great form examples: HTML, CSS. I also spliced together some of their JavaScript walkthroughs to make the tabbed categories. All of this is to make something that looks pretty.

However, in order to actually let people send your site information (like via a form), you also need PHP. If you don't know what that is, nbd, you don't need to. Basically it's a script for processing the incoming info. Neocities will not help you host PHP. There are good reasons for this-- it can be a security risk if you don't know what you're doing, and a lack of PHP keeps Neocities from being attractive to companies.

So what I needed was a third party PHP host, and right now that's Formkeep. I think I just had to hook it up so that the form's action= my Formkeep's address. I seem to do just fine with the free version.

If you don't feel like doing all that yourself: just steal my code, I don't care. Hit me up if you need help!

If you made DFS into a .... moving picture item, would you prefer it to be a film or series? And animated, stop-motion or live action?
Anonymous | April 4, 2022

Oh, I think DFS is live-action all the way. There's nothing about this story that would work better in animation. SURE, none of the characters look like real human actors... except Xav, who looks like all of them... but it's a fairly grounded story that doesn't require a lot of fantasy or flexibility of body or mind.

DFS is inspired almost entirely by live-action horror/thrillers/dramas, with the notable exception of comics like Mesmo Delivery. My focus is on interpersonal relationships, with a splash of very adult violence and surrounded by boring but steadfast blue-collar machinery. People just don't animate the kind of story I'm going for!

Another reason I feel that way is because I feel like DFS takes place in a lot of really beautiful natural environments-- sun-bleached desert roads, dusty motels, lush Michigan forests. This story is a two-headed Pinterest board. The settings in this story are really important to me, and I struggle a lot with drawing what I find beautiful about them.

Also, every writer thinks their first project should be a series. I think I could fit it all into a miniseries, at least. 10 eps, maybe?

Pirates, ninjas or cowboys?
Anonymous | April 3, 2022

Hmm. This calls for some good old-fashioned HTML.

Violence 🔫 ⚔️ 🗡️
Cool Shoes 👢 👢 🩴
Sweet Rides 🐎 ⚓
Neat Pets 🐮 🦜
Good Food 🌶️ 🍣
Unlikely to Drown ✅ ✅
Proud Mothers

Hello, I used to follow you on LJ & then tumblr waaaay back (like 10 years ago or more), but I kind of fell off social media for a few years. Today I ended up looking up your old tumblr on a whim, and I'm so glad I did! I always looked up to you as an artist as a writer, and it's so cool to see how your art skills have grown even more since I last saw your work, plus I still recognize most of your characters :) I keep seeing Neocities recommended for personal websites, but yours is the first I've actually taken a look at, and a) it looks very cool, b) it makes me want to make my own, and c) your mention of MabsLand.com unlocked ancient memories of my time in middle school browsing that very site on dial-up internet, which I remember being a huge inspiration for me re: wanting to make comics myself. Anyway, all this to say: nice to see you're still out here creating amazing & unique art! 👋
Marin | April 2, 2022

MARIN!! I remember you, I'm so glad you're still kicking! I still think of you as one of my Tumblr grandparents, haha. I hope unplugged life has been treating you amazingly. I'm especially glad you didn't die. Y'know, when people disappear off social media it's a 50/50 chance.

Thank you soooo much for the kind words, I don't think I know how to stop writing and drawing my weird little dudes. And please consider making a Neocities someday! Static coding can be zen once you get the hang of it... and if you ever get stuck or need tips or just someone to look at a page you're proud of, I'm very enthusiastic about that kinda thing.

i found your comic tonight and read the whole thing and i just gotta say ! this was fucking amazing,fiend is just nuts and i love hera..SOOOO MUCH shes my little meow meow !!!!!!!!!
Anonymous | Feb. 27, 2022

THANK YOU FOR READING! I can't wait until I'm done focusing on other stories/learning German/generally refusing to Give The People What They Want. Shit in False Edge is gonna get sooooo fucked up.

Whats the most important thing to understand about Fiend's character?
Anonymous | Feb. 11, 2022

Probably that Fiend isn't complicated! There's no secret pain or heart of gold hiding in there. Fiend does what Fiend wants for Fiend, and they're never trying to impress or seduce you. If you don't like Fiend, Fiend just chalks it up to your lack of taste. TSK, typical...

Have you seen Mother Mother's new Hayloft vids?
Anonymous | Feb. 10, 2022

Oh my god. It's so smart of them to capitalize on how O My Heart is still one of Tumblr's favorite albums. Looks like there's a TikTok resurgence? Good for them. Cool filming style, too.

This is, like... their "Gay Bar Part 2".

You seem like the person who doesnt read homestuck, but gets mistaken for someone who does a lot
Anonymous | Feb. 10, 2022

I've had Glenn compared to Karkat and that's it! Homestuck looks heavy on patterns/systems and VERY light on... arms... and good color palettes... it's a very left-brained vibe. Plus the huge ensemble cast. Do I LOOK like I know how to write more than 3 characters at once??

Do you think you could take Goku in a fight
Anonymous | Feb. 1, 2022

Well, let's look at his track record. Goku's gotten his ass kicked like twenty times. Meanwhile, despite the things I say to people, nobody has ever kicked my ass. I'm the safer bet.

Since you're looking for German music at the moment, you miiight wanna check out SDP if you haven't already. Their music can get pretty cheesy, but it might be something to go off of? They don't mumble as much as some other musicians.
Anonymous | Dec. 28, 2021

Oooh, thank you! You've got them exactly right-- the lyrics are pretty lovesick and typical, but they're lovesick and typical in German which is exactly great for someone at a learning stage where they tell you to watch cartoons for 4-year-olds.

Do you think stop-motion/claymation animation is inhertantly better suited to horror?
Anonymous | Dec. 23, 2021

YES?? YES. Claymation is DISGUSTING and creeps me out under the best and most Rankin-Bass of circumstances. Something-something "that shouldn't be moving, let alone like that".

And I love that. That's what makes Lee Hardcastle so fun and exhausting to watch. If I did horror I would absolutely consider claymation, because it's the easiest way to get a rise out of me, personally. The last thing I want to think about is a dented little man who doesn't have blood and is probably angry about it. Maybe it's because I feel guilty about bringing him into the world. (This may be how God feels. He knows we're right to be mad.)

does fiend smoke/drink? if so, what
Anonymous | Dec. 22, 2021

Fiend will get absolutely SILLAY on red wine if you let them. Not a big smoker, but given their hedonistic inclinations they'll probably puff down a cigar if a sufficiently luxurious one is available.
Anyway. Have yourself A SILLAY CHRISTMAS

do you appreciate 'nog?
Anonymous | Dec. 20, 2021

I am frightened by the 'nog. Man is the only animal that makes 'nog for fun.

online shopping is a myth and a scam. it does not exist. state the true selector of the little man's clothes.
Anonymous | Dec. 20, 2021

Maybe, but you can't beat the bureaucratic convenience of picking up your DollsKill pot leaf bikini from the DMV along with your driver's license

Little man in suit
Who picked out his clothes for him?
Much too small to shop...

Possessed-Opossum | Dec. 20, 2021

It's called online shopping, you luddite.

If you were to paint your nails RIGHT NOW what color would you choose
Cyamallo | Dec. 20, 2021

GREEN, what do you expect from me... Though I also have a salmony-orange I like to pull out when I'm feeling frisky.